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"Pick of the Litter" Earned by filling all slots in the Capo, Lieutenant, Enforcer, and Street Crew tiers in the Top Mafia

First you pick 2 Captains and you will get some Stamina (Amounts vary by level)

Then You pick Your top 4 Lieutenants and will get a boost or energy.This will unlock you next tier.

That Tier is the Enforcers Group and pick you top 6 and again you will get another Boost.

On to the final Tier and that is your street crew. You pick your top 6 there too but this is the kicker they must be under level 19. Yes UNDER Level 19 or newbies.

You may need to wait until Zynga upgrade all players to this top mafia feature, only a select few are using this new feature at present, but everyone will see the achievement is available...

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